Dealer accessibility

Many of our dealers have things that can make your visit easier. Select and apply the accessibility help you need to find a dealer that suits you. You can reset to choose other options.
Accessible car parking
The dealership has designated accessible parking spaces for customers. These spaces are clearly marked and are located in close proximity to the entrance of the building.
Accessible toilet
The dealership has accessible toilet facilities which are designed with extra space to make it easier for those with limited mobility or wheelchair users to access.
Automatic door entrance
The dealership has automatic doors that open either with a sensor or a button. This means that you do not need to physically open the door to gain access to the dealership.
Designated quiet opening times
This dealership has designated quiet times to make it easier for those who struggle with busy or loud environments. The quiet time will include turning off any background music and avoiding any tannoy announcements. Please contact the dealership directly for details of their quiet opening times.
Hearing aid assistance
The dealership has a hearing loop or other designated sound system to connect to your hearing aid to make it easier to communicate with staff at the dealership.
Quiet area available
There is a designated area at the dealership that has minimal background noise. This is a calming space to make it easier to visit the dealership for those who struggle with busy or loud environments.
Step-free route to premises
This dealership has a route from the car park to the inside of the dealership without any steps to make it easier for anyone with limited mobility to enter the building. If it is not possible for the step-free route to be completely flat then there will be a ramp in place to facilitate step-free access.

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