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Types of scooters and powered wheelchairs available on the Motability Scheme
Transportable scooters
These are made with a light frame to make them easier to store or transport. They usually come apart into smaller parts, to fit into a car.
Foldable scooters
These are made with a light frame and are ideal for short journeys. They can usually fold down into smaller parts, to fit into a car.
Pavement scooters
These standard–sized scooter are ideal if you want to pop to the local shops or visit friends nearby.
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Standard powered wheelchairs

These have a relatively basic range of seating adjustments and limited additional equipment or modification options. They're fitted with standard seats and controls. Some models can be folded or taken apart, to fit in a car and be transported.

Complex powered wheelchairs

These are more complex chairs, with additional features and advances seating options available. Your product can be adjusted, and custom-built powered wheelchairs are available too.

Custom-built powered wheelchairs

Custom-built powered wheelchairs are built with various adaptations and modifications. They use advanced technology so even if you have very limited movement it is likely that you'll find a suitable product.

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